Just like a whole lot of people,  I love traveling.  After finishing high school, I was an AuPair in the U.S. for a year, after university I  traveled through Australia and South East Asia and after 11 months of working a real job, I traveled from Canada to Panama.

In South East Asia and Central America I realized, that I didn't want to travel the way typical backpackers do. Taking selfies, riding elephants, swimming with dolphins, eating "westernized food", laying at the beach while sipping cheap cocktails and flying home, wearing a "Cancun" Shirt, to show off one has been to Mexico, without even getting to know the real Mexico. All that wasn't for me, I want to get to know a country's character, I want to take home more than just pictures of myself in front of famous sights.

Especially during my time in Cuba my attitude towards travel changed a lot. I met backpackers, who complained about the fact, that there isn't a H&M in the entire country. Backpackers who watched every cent while tipping, who were haggling over everything they purchased, who didn't even try to understand, why Cuba is the way it is.

I have never questioned traveling as much, as I have during my time in Cuba.


That's when I knew my next trip would be completely different. I wanted to give something back. That's when I had the idea of combining my love of traveling by bicycle with a fundraiser. And then things kind of just fell into place.

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