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How it all began, paused and began again

Just like a whole lot of people,  I love traveling., but I quickly realized, that I didn't want to travel the way typical backpackers do. Taking selfies, riding elephants, swimming with dolphins, eating "westernized food", laying at the beach while sipping cheap cocktails and flying home, wearing a "Cancun" Shirt, to show off one has been to Mexico, without even getting to know the real Mexico. All that wasn't for me, I want to get to know a country's character, I want to talk to locals, I want to take home more than just pictures of myself in front of famous sights.


That's when I knew my next trip would be completely different. I wanted to give something back. That's when I had the idea of combining my love of traveling by bicycle with a fundraiser. And then things kind of just fell into place and Wheels Of Fortune was born.

In August 2019 me and my bike aka. "Little Black Panther" started our adventure and cycled through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Chile all the way to the end of the world - Ushuaia. Where, after 10.500km, the pandemic put a sudden end to my trip.

The fundraiser kept on running and in the end we raised 15.125€ for south american SOS children's villages.. <3

After two years of waiting it is now to pedal and a brand new fundraiser.

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