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On The Road Again

I am sitting on the side of a gravelroad, in the middle of nowhere in Uruguay. I have been on the road for a few days but only just right this moment I finally understand, that I am back. Back, living the adventure, that the pandemic had stopped two years ago. All of the sudden this lump in my throat dissolves. This lump, that has had been there for two years, making it hard to breathe, not knowing, what to do about it.

And that`s when the waterworks start. I am crying and laughing at the same time. Tears of joy, relief and humility. Because I have worked so hard and because I am so grateful, that I am able to live life the way it makes me happy. I am crying because of the sudden and traumatizing stop of the first part of my trip and how much energy and nerves it has cost me, to process the sexual assault. And that I am sitting here today, still the Lisa that welcomes every person with open arms, without prejudices or fear.

It`s the smallest things that make my heart beat faster and my smile bigger. It`s the grassgreen birds that appear out of nowhere and zoom over my head. It`s the cows, that look at me, like I am something they have never seen before. The roadcyclist, that gives me three energybars. The lady at the bakery, giving me two pasteries for free. Even the waving and honking truckdrivers bring a smile to my face. At night, when I am laying in my tent (most of the time unshowered) I am so happy about the day that is behind me, curious about the day that is ahead of me.

Gasstations have become my best friend again. They appear out of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, they cure thirst and hunger, they offer shade and sometimes even a free place to put my tent. And it is also where most of the conversations are happening. „Where are you from?“, „Where did you start?“, „As a woman? On your own? Aren`t you scared?“ And the answer is still the same: I want to fight for a world, in which a female solo traveler is just normal. I want to inspire and motivate others, to leave their (supposedly) safe comfort zone, to see, that it isn`t that big of a deal. That there is always a solution to whatever kind of problem. And most of all, that there is more good, than bad in this world.

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