Because everybody needs a family

Do you remember your childhood? Family vacations by the beach, the smell of new school books and the taste of your favorite school lunch? Do you remember sneaking into the living room on Christmas, to play with your new toys? When I think of my childhood, it is a potpourri of happy memories. But the fortune of a happy childhood isn't guaranteed to every child.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child says that a child should grow up to full and harmonious development of its personality in a family and surrounded by happiness, love and understanding. 

In SOS Children's Villages all over the world, children who, for various reasons, can not live with their families, grow up in a secure home and live in a children's village family. A well-regulated daily routine, shared meals and the love of the children's village mother give the kids protection and a stable environment.

Despite economic progress in the emerging economies of South America, children and adolescents in particular are suffering from poverty and inequality in many countries. They live in societies that do not support them and in which they have to live with very limited resources, without basic food, medicine and education. Young adults and children run the risk of slipping into crime or drug use.

Together we can make a change and give the children the prospect of a better future. 

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